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SmartReloader SR750 Extreme Powder Package (VBSR003-1)

By Smart Reloader - $141.90 (ID=5970)
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This great package offers to the reloader additonal high value features for a little extra price! In this package you will find the standard accessories from the classic SR750 scale: two powder measures (one 2.5cc for rifle loads and one 0.7cc for pistol loads), one 50 grams calibration weight and a Powder Tray-static free. Moreover you will also find two great and helpful tools for every handgun and rifle reloader: the Smartreloader Baby Powder Trickler and the SR55 anti-static Universal Powder Funnel!

The BPT (Baby Powder Trickler) is a steel trickler (weights over a pound) that will allow you to encrease your loads grain by grain. The SR55 anti-static Universal Powder Funnel is a universal funnel that can be used with any case form the caliber .17 to the caliber .45.

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